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Founded in 1987, we are an independent software implementation and advisory business. We tailor our services to optimise the value and performance of your financial and business management systems.

Over the last 20 plus years we have delivered thousands of projects, each of which we have learnt from to ensure that each project is delivery to the highest quality and with the high service standards our clients have come to expect.

Our consultants are some of the best and well respected in the industry. We all have extensive industry experience and have successfully implemented a vast number of solutions for companies of various sizes both in the UK and wherever our client take us Globally. We are probably best recognised for being technically excellent.  We grow through word-of-mouth and are known for being more technically capable than most, which we use to provide our clients with exceptional choice and flexibility.

In the countries we operate in, we also have a bank of external consultants who can supplement our skills with specialist knowledge of local requirements and language.

We make it our business to help our clients get the most out of their solution and we aim to implement it as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining highly effective project management and training. We believe that this is why our business grows through word of mouth recommendation.

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