Project Management & Accounting

Streamline your project management and accounting processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX©

Microsoft Dynamics AX© for project management and accounting helps managers gain increased financial control of both short-term and long-term projects, including long-term time and materials projects, internal projects, and fixed-price projects. ERP project management software also helps streamline information exchange with people working in the field by using the Internet.

Microsoft Dynamics AX© also helps your people manage a broad range of other business areas, minimizing the need for multiple systems.

  • Set up and manage projects effectively
    Set up your projects by identifying tasks, establishing start and end dates, and specifying load capacity. Schedule tasks for groups of work centers, administer budgets, and monitor status to anticipate and avoid potential delays.
  • Work smart and make decisions with greater confidence.
    Find, use, and share information quickly with RoleTailored access to business intelligence that helps you track your projects, evaluate status, monitor budgets, and analyze performance.
  • Control project costs and deliverables.
    Quickly analyze the financial performance of internal and external projects. Compare resources consumed and revenue earned for each project budget in real time.
  • Plan and administer complex projects with ease.
    Tight integration with Microsoft Office Project© provides the detailed information you need to manage project resources effectively, regardless of project size.
  • Make your work flow smoothly.
    Allow employees, customers, vendors, and other business partners to interact directly with your ERP system. Offer access to relevant business information directly, and conduct business transactions through personalized, RoleTailored Web portals.

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