Service Management

Streamline planning, tracking, and decision-making for service operations with Microsoft Dynamics AX©

Maximize efficiencies, understand costs and revenues, and help enhance profitability with service management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX©. Your service professionals can easily create service agreements tailored to global customer requirements, automatically generate service orders, and help ensure timely compliance with commitments, using Role Centers that present relevant tasks and information in a personalized view to help employees work smarter and faster. Track key data using RoleTailored reports, alerts, and customized performance scorecards.

With service management in Microsoft Dynamics AX©, you can:

  • Meet evolving customer demands
    Streamline the process of creating and maintaining service agreements to manage ever-changing service requirements
  • Manage financials effectively
    Streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable management; track exact costs for service orders; monitor and manage invoicing; and handle multiple revenue models
  • Gain insight into operational processes
    Save time and help reduce errors with integrated processes that minimize data re-entry and help ensure the availability of accurate, real-time information
  • Maximize the quality of services
    Optimize resource use with automated planning for service orders; run customer feedback reports; analyze profit and loss figures; and track operational productivity to understand performance and achieve profitably

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