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Deploying Version 6

REA Holdings Plc is a UK company with operations in Indonesia producing sustainable palm oil.  They have been using SunSystems for many years and wanted to upgrade from version 4 to version 6 to take advantage of the multi-currency capabilities of version 6.    However, they were resource constrained and need help with data migration, training and reporting.


Data Migration

The chart of accounts and analysis codes were all changed and the mapping was performed by them but Carnaby provided the resources to post and check that the migration had been carried out correctly.


We discussed the various options for reporting and helped to set up reports using Q&A XL & Executive.  However, the speed and deployment of the reports were an issue so REA decided to move to BI reporting.  We helped move the data cube from an access database to SQL server allowing multiple users to run the reports.


Data Migration & Reporting

  • All data was migrated and confirmed
  • Reporting time was reduced by 66%

Since then we have been asked to implement the SunSystems Order Fulfilment modules