Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations© is an ERP system designed for today’s demanding business and organisational needs.

It is as flexible as the organisation needs it to be and as familiar as users require.  There is a huge breadth of functionality covering financials, trade & logistics, production and projects, but Dynamics© goes much further than just ERP when combined with Microsoft© technologies and solutions.

This solution provides an organisation with the opportunity to improve productivity, effectiveness and ultimately profitability.  The tools are familiar and easy to use allowing proactive decisions to be made quickly and smartly.

With the extensive workflow capabilities of Dynamics AX© everyone in an organisation becomes part of the business process.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved communication – including instant messaging and VoIP being accessible from AX
  • Faster access to information – using standard tools such as Excel©, Windows© and SharePoint©
  • Improved decision making – across the whole organisation with independently; accessible business intelligence and reporting for those in key areas
  • Familiar interface – with other Microsoft products

Directors, managers and other employees using Dynamics AX© will be able to make key decisions with information presented in a user specific manner and always current. It can also deliver the information and analysis tools needed for key decision making processes. Data presented to users is custom-tailored for their specific responsibilities, which helps improve focus and the related productivity.

  • Simplified information access with roles centres and familiar tools
  • Predefined reports based on SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Increased flexibility for ad-hoc reporting
  • Gather fundamental business information from multiple departments, offices and regions to be able to analyse productivity, profitability, margins and trends etc
  • Gain flexibility for information sharing, analysis and collaboration through SharePoint Services and office programs
  • Create and track key performance indicators throughout the organisation.

Dynamics AX© is there when your business grows, whether that is through acquisition, new operations, overseas expansion or increased business volume.  Dynamics AX© will grow with your business no matter what that growth is.  Growth can create complications within the supply-chain and Dynamics AX©has the features and tool to manage such changes.

Dynamics AX© is designed to manage the complexities of global organisations with language sets built in.  Compliance across regions and countries vary which is why Dynamics AX© can help to reduce risk and liability associated with good corporate governance, regulatory compliance and customer initiatives.

  • Scale your organisation rapidly and efficiently to support new users, new locations and new lines of business
  • Ensure smooth integration of merged or newly acquired companions
  • Quickly add new locations or international offices
  • Scale the systems along with the business
  • Support a growing organisation
  • Expand easily across international borders with region specific functionality
  • Consolidate financial, operational, and customer data while preserving local information to build strategic edge
  • Unify standards and ensure quality by centralised processing, sharing best practice
  • Manage and monitor global and local performance with sophisticated yet straightforward reporting and analysis tools
  • Access to real time KPI’s, scorecards and data through Enterprise Portal©in Dynamics AX©, Office PerformancePoint Server© or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server©