Using Spindle Professional© can result in significant cost savings – on stationery, postage and staff administration.

By automating routine communications, it also reduces human errors and frees up time for more important tasks. With Spindle Professional’s© dynamic and flexible software, users can instantly and easily merge information from business applications to produce documents that can be sent by email, fax, print and also archived as PDF files.

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For a more professional look, it allows company logos and branding to be added to documents such as letters, statements, invoices, remittances, delivery notes and purchase orders. Users can print directly onto plain paper, so there’s no need for expensive pre-printed stationery.

Why Spindle Professional?
  • Substantially reduces annual stationery and postage costs
  • Reduces man hours required for processing paperwork
  • Proven and reliable software
  • Easy to use PDF archiving
  • Integrates easily with other software
  • Affordable – fast pay back on investment